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Concerned by the paucity of data to address the disadvantaged position of women, a group of academics, researchers and activists who were involved for several years in research and action-oriented programmes relating to women joined together in 1984 to form the Centre for Women’s Research (CENWOR).

Commencing with policy and action about us image 2oriented research, CENWOR, over the years has expanded its work to include action programmes, gender sensitization and training, information dissemination and communication. It joined with other women’s groups to lobby and advocate for policy changes to secure women’s rights. Its research studies encompassed almost all facets of gender issues and these findings were disseminated and shared widely through print and electronic media to enable likeminded organizations and individuals involved in gender issues to intervene as appropriate.

CENWOR is a non profit organisation, registered under the Companies
Act No.07 of 2007- Registration Number G.A.349 (The previous
registration number was NA 45).

CENWOR has 23 members with expertise in a variety of disciplines. Its
activities are implemented by a 12-member Board of Directors . They
are assisted by field researchers, facilitators, resource persons and
a small professional and administrative staff. CENWOR receives
financial support from donor agencies in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Our Vision   - Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women

Our Mission - Promote Research, Training, Lobbying, Advocacy and Monitoring Gender Related Issues

CENWOR has four main programmes:about us image 2

National Convention on Women's Studies by CENWOR

The National Convention on Women's Studies organised by the Centre for Women's Research (CENWOR) was held from December 2 - 4. The inaugural session was held at the Kadirgamar Institute for International Relations and Strategic Studies, Colombo 7. ...

Minimum age for migrant housemaids to be increased to 30

Minister of Foreign Employment and Welfare Dilan Perera said today that he intends to increase the minimum age requirement for Sri Lankan women applying for jobs in Middle Eastern countries as house maids to 30 years....


www.actnowsrilanka.org The Centre for Women's Research (CENWOR), launced  ACT NOW, a website developed with support from Women Defining Peace (WDP), dedicated to information and resources on eliminating violence against women and girls in Sri Lanka.The Attorney General o...

SLs first female AG to take oaths today

The first female Attorney General of Sri Lanka Eva Wanasundera will take oaths today. The appointment is unique as its a rarity for a country for both the Chief Justice and the Attorney General to be females. (FM)...

SL Maid held captive for 16 years

A Saudi employer locked up his Sri Lankan housemaid at his house without a salary for nearly 16 years, during which she had never visited her home country, a newspaper in the oil-rich Gulf Kingdom reported on Wednesday. ...

National Commission on Women

A draft bill to establish the National Women's Commission will be  presented to Parliament shortly by the Child Development and Women's Affairs Minister Tissa Karaliyadda. ...

Lankan maid and newborn die in sponsors house

KUWAIT CITY: A Sri Lankan housemaid and her newborn baby died in the house of her sponsor in the Qurain District in Kuwait, Arab Times reported today. ...

Tortured Sri Lankan Maid left disabled

A Sri Lankan housemaid who was employed in the Middle-East has returned to Sri Lanka after sustaining numerous injuries and being rendered totally disabled due to being tortured continuously by her employers. The 35 year old Mable Perera from Madampe left Sri Lanka last year se...


Mailing List

The mailing list moderated by CENWOR is a discussion group on issues relating to women, gender and other relevant topics. Persons with similar interests are welcome to join and participate in the discussion. Although the name implies a Sri Lankan discussion group, we are not at all limited to Sri Lankan issues. Anyone from around the world may join and participate in discussions relating to our main themes.
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