Study Series

  1. Gender Roles and Support Networks of the Spouses of Migrant Workers. 2011  (Study Series No.38).
  2. Gender and Pre-school Education: Changing Perceptions. 2008 (Study Series No.37).
  3. Vulnerability Assessment within Trade Unions: Comparative Study in Sri Lanka. 2008 (Study Series No.36).
  4. Women and Land Rights in Irrigation Settlement Schemes in Sri Lanka. 2006. (Study Series No.35).
  5. The Impact of the Tsunami on Households and Vulnerable Groups in Two Districts in Sri Lanka. (Study Series No.34)
  6. Gender and Poverty in Selected Locations in Sri Lanka (Study Series No.33)
  7. Utilisation of Special Loan Schemes for Self-employment by Returnee Migrant Women Workers. 2004 (Study Series No.32
  8. Impact of Macro Economic Reforms in Sri Lanka. 2003 (Study Series No.31)
  9. All Her Worldly Goods: Women’s Property and Inheritance Rights. 2002 (Study Series No.30)
  10. Ravaged Innocence: A Study of Incest in Central Sri Lanka. 2002 (Study Series No.29)
  11. State and Community Responses to Domestic Violence in Sri Lanka. 2002. (Study Series No. 28)
  12. Sri Lankan Migrant Garment Factory Workers: Mauritius & Sultanate of Oman. 2002. (Study Series No. 27)
  13. Returnee Migrant Women in two Locations in Sri Lanka. 2002. (Study Series No. 26)
  14. Child Labour and Non-schooling Children in Selected Low–income Communities in Sri Lanka. 2002. (Study Series No. 25)
  15. International Labour Standards and Women in Sri Lanka. 2002. (Study Series No. 24)
  16. Migrant Women Domestic Workers Cyprus, Greece & Italy 2001 (Study series No.23)
  17. Gender, Vocational Training & Employment. 2001 (Study series No. 22)
  18. Women in Garment and Textile Industries in Sri Lanka: Gender Roles & Relations. 2001 (Study series No.21)
  19. Impact of Macro Economic Reforms on Women in Sri Lanka: Garment and Textile Industries. 2001 (Study series No.20)
  20. Sexual Harassment in Sri Lanka; Women's Experiences & Policy Implications. 2000 (Study series No.19)
  21. Environmental Assessment Studies: A Gender Perspective 2000 (Study series No.18)
  22. Gender Audit Planning and Monitoring Institutions/Organization 2000. (Study series No.17)
  23. Women surviving in situations of armed conflict 2000 (Study Series No.16)
  24. Invisible Women: Workers in subcontracted industries 2000 (Study Series No.15)
  25. Women’s Rights in the Informal Sector – Mahaweli settlements, Coir Industry. 1998 (Study Series No.14)
  26. Violence Against Women: Voices of Victims and Activists.1997 (Study Series No 12)
  27. Ageing in Sri Lanka with Special Reference to Women 1996 (Study Series No 11)
  28. Maternal & Child Care Roles of Women Workers. 1995 (Study Series No.10)
  29. Addressing Poverty Reduction & Women in Development through Human Resource Development. 1995 (Study Series No.9)
  30. Women, Political Empowerment and Decision Making. 1995 (Study Series No.8)
  31. Occupational Health Hazards of Women Workers.1993 (Study Series No.7)
  32. Vedda Women : Impact of Translocation from Forest Environment to Agricultural Settlements.1994 (Study Series No.6)
  33. Women in the Rubber Sector. 1993 (Study Series No.5)
  34. Technologies in use by women in household & Economic Activities. 1993 (Study Series No.4)
  35. Women Graduates in Agriculture.1992 (Study Series No.3)
  36. Women in Export Production Villages.1991 (Study Series No.2)
  37. Economic Activities of Women in Low Income Urban families. 1989 (Study Series No.1)